Highlight of the ACCIMT officially handed over the “C10 & C20 Capacity Tester”

Arthur C Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies Provides Technical Support to Enhance the Quality of Batteries of Leader Kaijie Battery Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd.

 The Arthur C Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies (ACCIMT) together with Leader Kaijie Battery Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd achieved a success in the history of Sri Lankan battery manufacturing industry by locally designing, developing and manufacturing a customized battery performance tester to be used in battery manufacturing process.

The product designer, ACCIMT is a premier public research institute in the country operating under the purview of the Ministry of Education engaged in research and development (R&D) activities in modern technologies and electronic is one of its key specialties. Its client, Leader Kaijie Battery Manufacturing (Pvt,) Ltd, a leading battery manufacturing company in South Asian region, in technical collaboration with “Kaijie” one of the world’s largest motorcycle battery manufacturers, has been manufacturing motorcycle batteries  for both global and local markets. The company is also a recipient of the global benchmark quality, ISO 9001:2015 certification recognized for its stringent quality standards.

R&D team from the Electronic & Microelectronic division of ACCIMT has engaged in this development process of series of battery performance testers and the first product “C10 & C20 Capacity Tester” is specially designed to investigate the capacity of lead-acid batteries with nominal voltage of 12V as per national/international standards.

On 15th of August 2023, Eng. (Dr.) Sanath Panawennage – Director General/CEO of the ACCIMT officially handed over the “C10 & C20 Capacity Tester” to Dr. Shriyanthe Cooray, Chairman, Leader Kaijie Battery Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd. 

The “C10 & C20 Capacity Tester” designed, developed and manufactured by the ACCIMT is available for other battery manufacturing companies in the country for very competitive and affordable price when compared with such testers available at global market. Being state owned R&D institute, the main motive of the ACCIMT is to support the local industry to become competitive in global market by providing technological solutions to their specific needs alternatively strengthen local economy by reducing the foreign exchange outflows from Sri Lanka by locally producing industry infrastructure requirements.

The ACCIMT continuously innovates and introduces products and solutions using new and appropriate technology to satisfying the needs of industry and state sector clientele. This product is a result of ongoing technological collaboration between R&D team of Electronic & Microelectronic division of the institute and Leader Kaijie Battery (Pvt,) Ltd and the next in pipeline is an “Acceptance Tester”, for verifying charging ability of  lead acid batteries which is planned to be launched in another couple of months.  

 -Electronic & Microelectronic division of ACCIMT


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