Communication related services
Electronic & Electrical test and measurement

Information on the Testing Equipment is in the: Communication and Electronics Lab page

The rate can be negotiated where the tests involves more than two items and or exceeding eight hours. Additional payment of Rs. 5000/= per day will apply for the jobs undertaken beyond 25km from the institute. Hourly rates are computed excluding travel time. Testing fees are excluding VAT.


For human safety limits in free space Radio frequency signal radiation measurements are taken and reporting

Rs. 7,500.00

CDMA, TV Reception (Gain, Impedance)

Rs 6,000.00

Coaxial cable testing (for manufacturers and vendors) for (Characteristic Impedance, Attenuation/Frequency Response)

Rs. 35,000.00

Network cable certifier to certify datacenters and enterprise installations includes a local and remote unit, two CAT 6A channel adapters, link adapters MPO test kit – data center certification.

For Cat 6 patch cord test at ACCIMT lab and report generating

Rs. 12,000.00

Other test rates are negotiable depending on the complexity of the assignment, and actual usage hours.

  • IP, PTZ, Analog camera test
  • Video signal generator
  • Data monitor
  • Network test with IP address scan, link test
  • Include SDI image test, Visual fault locater, TDR cable break point test