Corporate Social Responsibility project on distribution of Electronic Kits to schools

The Ministry of Education(MoE) Sri Lanka, has introduced technology stream into the G.C.E Advanced Level curriculum in addition to Arts, Science, Mathematics & commerce. Only a few government schools have Advanced Level science/technology stream labs and have the necessary infrastructure required to teach science & technology at Advanced Level.

The underlying reason for such low numbers is the lack of trained personnel and the cost of equipment being too high. Further shortage of basic equipment, tools & components at the schools are one of the problems that need to be addressed if we are to encourage children into pursuing an education and a career in science & technology streams. This project aimed at solving this issue by providing schools with the basic instrumentation kit and training that is necessary for education in the field of electronics.

08 electronics kits were distributed to 04 schools(Piliynadala Central College, St Sebastian College, Prince of Wales College and Sri Sumangala College) and provided training for the teachers and students. Each kit contained a Function Generator & DC Power Supply, PC Based Oscilloscope, Multivibrator Demonstration box and Half adder Demonstration box.