Gaveshaka-1 (Mid Sized UGV)

High powered all terrain rover (water proof)

Capable of navigating through extreme gradients and hard terrains

All vital internal parameters can be monitored remotely

2D Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) implemented using Laser Ranger Finder (LRF) for autonomous navigation

System is implemented using Robot Operating System (ROS)

3D SLAM using NVIDIA Jetson Tx2 (AI) GPU based Computer (CUDA programming) and 3D Lidar


Unmanned ground requirements in jungles (video), mines, Urban Search and Rescue, Transportation of rations etc.

Design Criterion Design Parameter
Configuration Rugged, rubber tracked, 4 wheel robot
Propulsion System LiPo Battery to four electric motor
Material Plastic
Payload capacity Upto 1.5kg
Maximum Payload Mass 1.5kg
Endurance (with payload) Approx. 15mins
Operation options Manual, GPS aided, Autonomous
Maximum Speed 4m/s
Maximum Climb Slope 60 degrees