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The electronics division carries out research and development projects, test and measurement services, consultancy services, hardware recovery and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses for the industry. The division mainly focuses on industry initiated R&D activities especially microcontroller based system designing, data logging & display systems, application of sensors, analog circuit design and power line data acquisition. The division also has several testing facilities to carry out testing as per national/international standards. Consultancy work is undertaken as per the requirement of the industry. The division also runs several CPD Courses to the industry. Hardware recoveries of test & measuring instruments/other sophisticated equipments/instruments are carried out by the division.

The division has successfully completed several R&D Projects and some of these technologies are ready for technology transfer.

Know-how & Expertise

  • Micro-processor/ microcontroller based control system design
  • Data logging and display systems
  • Application of sensors and circuit designs
  • Analog Circuit Design
  • Power line data acquisition and logging system
  • IoT system design
  • Lightning protection
  • Industry 4.0
  • Bio-Medical related product design
  • Solar powered Lighting systems
  • Automated wireless irrigation systems
  • Power quality monitoring and analyzing
Ongoing Projects
Completed Projects
Center for Lightning Protection

Centre for Lightning Protection
Arthur C Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies

Are You Affected by lightning?


Lightning is a probabilistic natural phenomenon which causes massive damages and losses to man, animals and infrastructure with its direct and indirect effects which can be minimized using adequate preventive protection methodologies such as utilization of Lightning and Surge protection systems and following safety precautions. Sri Lanka being a tropical country, experiences a high level of lightning activity which results in damages and losses to living beings and property every year, mainly due to lack of awareness, absence of regulations and adequate testing facilities in accordance with recognized national and international standards. The proposed Center for Lightning Protection at ACCIMT is aimed to fill that void, also focusing on the research and development in the field of lightning and surge protection in Sri Lanka.

Types of damages:-

  • Injury of living beings
  • Physical damage(due to fire, explosion, mechanical destruction, chemical release)
  • Failure of electrical and electronic systems

Types of losses:-

  • Loss of human life (and animal life)
  • Loss of essential services (electricity, water, telecommunication etc.)
  • Economic loss (structures, equipment etc.)

Sri Lanka being a tropical country situated near the equator experiences a high level of lightning activity compared to many other countries. Due to the geographical location, different regions of Sri Lanka are exposed to different levels of lightning activity over the year. By referring Figure 2, it can be seen that Sabaragamuwa, North-Western provinces and densely populated Western province fall into the region of high lightning risk.

Figure 2: Isokeraunic(lightning activity level) map of Sri Lanka

Statistics reveal that there are on average 40 deaths and hundreds of cases of injuries and damage to equipment and infrastructure resulted from lightning directly or indirectly annually in Sri Lanka. In most the occasions the damage could have been reduced if the victims were to follow safety precautions which include correct use of lightning protection equipment.


To minimize the lightning related damages and losses of living beings and property and reduce downtime of utility services caused by lightning


The Centre for Lightning Protection at ACCIMT was founded in 2018 with the following objectives.

  • To minimize the damages and losses of living beings and property due to the effects of lightning.
  • Standardization of Lightning Protection Systems in Sri Lanka.
  • To expand consultancy and conformity testing and enhance Research & Development in the field of Lightning and Surge Protection according to standards. (IEC 62305, IEC 61643 etc.)
  • To increase awareness on personal and equipment protection from lightning.
  • Research & Development.
  • Development of high performance surge absorber.
  • Research on Ground Enhancing Materials.
  • Establishment of a Lightning related event database in Sri Lanka.
  • Evaluation of Economic impact of Lightning in Sri Lanka.
  • Conformity testing
    • Comprehensive testing of SPDs according to IEC 61643
    • Surge Immunity testing
  • Measurement
    • Earth Resistance measurement
    • Soil resistivity measurement
  • Consultancy services on Lightning and Surge Protection Systems
    • Designing of Lightning Protection Systems
    • Standardized validation of LPS (IEC 62305)
  • Training programs, Seminars and workshops on Lightning Protection


  • 2 workshops successfully completed for 47 participants.

Consultancies for the design of external and internal lightning protection systems as per IEC 62305 standard.

  • Police park, Thimbirigasaya.
  • National holiday resort – Anuradhapura
  • National holiday resort – Katharagama
  • National holiday resort – Bandarawela
  • National holiday resort – Nuwaraeliya
  • Police Station – Awissawella
  • Police Station – Kosgama
  • Divisional Secretariat – Okewela, Modarawana
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The division carries out consultancies mainly focusing on the following areas;



  • The division carries out repairs of sophisticated electronic/electrical instruments and electronics test & measurement instruments.


Patent granted by National Intellectual Property office of Sri Lanka for “True Root Mean Square Voltage Recorder with Enhanced Memory”

Project Members

  • J.P.D.S.Athuraliya
  • L.N.Rathnayake
  • P.Mahadevan
  • N.A.A.N.Dilrukshi
  • T.M.S.Dias
  • C.D.Panamaldeniya
  • S.R.J.S.Bandara

National Awards:

National Science and Technology Awards

Economical Digital Oscilloscope substituted for students under the category of development of viable substitutes for imports.

  • D.Liyanage
  • W.Thibbotumunna
  • M.Benaragama


  • J P D S Athuraliya, N L Rathnayake, N A A N Dilrukshi, P Mahadevan, R Gihara, T M S Dias, S R J S Bandara, H Wijesooriya, Nihal Kularatna, “Adaptation of scasa technique for surge protective devices for equatorial belt countries”, Annual Transactions of IESL, 2017.
  • J P D S Athuraliya, N L Rathnayake, N A A N Dilrukshi, P Mahadevan, T M S Dias, S R J S Bandara, C D Panamaldeniya “ENHANCED TRUE RMS VOLTAGE RECORDER”; Annual Transactions of IESL, 2016.
  • L.N. Rathnayake and T. Chandana Peiris: “Development of a Microcontroller Based Solar Smart Charge Controller for Solar Street Lamps”. World Renewable Energy Congress 2009-Asia (Bangkok, Thailand)
  • J P D S Athuraliya, R P Thilakumara, I J Dayawansa;” High Data Rate Optical Soliton Communication Systems”; Annual Technical Conference of IET, 2008.
  • K Ediriweera& J P D S Athuraliya: “Design of Data Display Boards with Wireless Control”; Annual Transactions of IESL, 2007.
  • K Ediriweera, J P D S Athuraliya & RM Tilakeratne: “Voice Integrated Electronic Educational Toys”; Annual Transactions of IESL, 2006.
  • J P D S Athuraliya, K Ediriweera, RM Tilakeratne, & M Benaragama: “Design and Development of a True RMS Voltage Recorder”; Annual Transactions of IESL, 2005.
  • J P D S Athuraliya, K Ediriweera, S S Abeysinghe, M Benaragama & S S Namasivayam: “Design of an Infant Incubator Controller”; Annual Transactions of IESL, 2004.
  • Nihal Kularatna and L.N. Rathnayake: “Implementation of DSP Algorithms for Sine wave Inverters”, PCIM’2001.
  • I.M. De Silva, A.D.V.N. Kularatna, L.N. Rathnayake: “DSP Algorithms for Low Component Count Inverters”, Proceedings of EPF-PFMC 2000 International Conference, Slovak.
  • I.M. De Silva, A.D.V.N. Kularatna, L.N. Rathnayaka: “DSP-Based Control Algorithms for Harmonic & RMS Output Control in Sine wave Inverters”, Proceeding of the Power Systems World 2000 Conference, USA.
  • Nihal Kularatna, L.N. Rathnayake, D.I.M. De Silva: “DSP-Based System Produces Low Distortion sine waves for UPS Applications”, Feature Article, PCIM, August 2000.

Ms. Janaki Athuraliya – Director (Electronic Engineering)

BSc Eng.(Hons), University of Moratuwa
MSc, University of Moratuwa
C Eng, MIET (UK) and MIE(SL).

Research interests: Microcontroller based system designing and Surge protection systems.

Ms. Nirupa Rathnayaka – Senior Research Engineer

BSc Eng.University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan. MSc ,University of Moratuwa.

Research interests:Power Electronics & Microcontroller based system designing.​

Ms. N. A. A. Nadeesha Dirukshi – Research Engineer

BSc Eng (equivalent),Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka.
MSc in Industrial Automation University of Moratuwa. Associate member of IESL.

Research interests: Power electronics & Microcontroller based systems.

Mr. Prasanna Mahadevan – Research Engineer

B. Eng (Hons), University of UCSI Malaysia.
Associate member of IESL.

Research interests: Embedded Systems,Lightning Protection and Industry 4.0.​

Mr.Rajith Gihara- Research Engineer

BSc Eng (Hons), University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.
Associate member of IESL.

Research interests: Bio Medical engineering,Power Quality Analysis and Lightning Protection.

Mr.P.G.S.R.Wijetunga- Research Engineer

BSc Eng (Hons), University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka (2007-2011). MSc in Renewable Energy (2016), University of Agder, Norway.

Research experience in the fields of Control systems and
Microcontroller based systems.

Research interests: Smart grid applications and Mechatronics systems

Mr. Thusitha Dias – Engineering Assistant

City & Guilds diploma electronics and electrical.
NCT Homagama technical college.
Over 20 years experience in hardware recovery of sophisticated instruments. Familiar in operating test and measuring instruments.

Ms.H.E.Wijesooriya- Engineering Assistant

BSc. (Hons), University of Kelaniya.
MSc in Applied Electronics University of Colombo.

Research interests: Microcontroller based systems.

Mr.L.S.M. De Silva- Engineering Assistant

City & Guilds Advanced Diploma Electrical & Electronic Engineering.
NCIT Electrical & Electronic Engineering.
Studying BTech (Eng), Electronic & Communication Engineering At Open University of Sri Lanka.

Mr. Amitha Prasanna- Engineering Assistant

B.Sc (Joint-Major) in Electronic and Computer Information Systems from Wayamba University of Sri Lanka
City & Guilds Advanced Diploma in Telecommunication and Radio Systems.
NVQ level 3 Computer Application Assistant Dip.

Miss. S.P.R.Jayasinghe - Engineering Assistant

National Diploma in Engineering Sciences (NDES) ,Institute of Engineering Technology,Katunayake,Sri Lanka.
Associate Member of IIESL.

Research interests: Electronics & Microcontroller based system designing.

Miss. B.D.G Kaumadi – Management Assistant

Mr. N.D. N Kumara – Lab Attendant

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