Arthur C Clark 08th Memorial Lecture

sirarthurCclarkArthur C Clark 8th Memorial Lecture was held on 31st May at 5.00 pm at the Committee room “A” of the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall.

Sir Arthur C Clark, considered as the father of the concept of extra-terrestrial communication through geo- stationary satellites, due to his visionary postulation of the concept as far back as 1945. Besides this as well as several other similar visionary and futuristic ideas, his works as a prolific author of science fiction has immensely contributed to his global frame.

Arthur C Clark Memorial lecture has been organized by Arthur C Clark Institute of Modern Technologies since 2009.

Sir Arthur C Clark Memorial lecture 2016 done by Dr.Sarath Gunapala who is the Director, center for infrared photo detectors NASA-Jet propulsion Laboratory and the topic was on “Exploration of our solar system and beyond”.

Hon.Minister of Science,Technology and research,Mr. Susul Premjayanth, State Minister Hon. Lakshman Senevirathne and guest invitees were participated to this event.