Water rocket competition


Making water boost rockets is a popular activity among children in developed countries though it is not common in Sri Lanka. Because of this reason ACCIMT has been conducting one day workshop on making water boosted rockets followed by a national water boost rocket competition since 2005 under the frame work of APRSAF (Asia Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum). History of rockets, basic mechanisms of rockets, mechanism of water boost rockets, launching mechanisms, applications of water boost rockets and precaution etc. were discussed at this workshop. The idea behind introducing water boost rockets to school children is to make them aware of the basics of the rocketry science and to increase their curiosity and the creativity by active participation.

The winner of the local competition will be nominated to participate in the APRSAF water boost rocket competition which is sponsored by JAXA (Japanese Space Exploration Agency), Japan. and is hosted by some member country of APRSAF.  This competition is open for school children between age 12 to 16