Remote monitoring of transformer parameters


The distribution transformer is a critical item of equipment in power systems and its correct function is essential to the reliable operation of the system. It is therefore, necessary to monitor the operating condition (temperature) and performance (voltage and current) of distribution transformers in order to avoid or reduce disruption due to sudden unexpected failures.

Features to be implemented

  • Support up to ten sensors including voltage, current and temperature
  • Inputs of the data acquisition unit can be selected manually according to the type of the sensor
  • Data averaging time can be adjusted by keeping the minimum time limit as 15minutes
  • In normal operation sensed data are averaged every 15 minutes and stored
  • Data store is for a maximum of 03 days
  • Required data are sent to the control centre every 24 hours, time as decided by the LECO
  • Access the data via PC or USB
  • Detect the earth disconnection of the transformer
  • The time of the real time clock can be read/written to by the control centre.