Astronomy & Space Science Workshop

This 2-day astronomy workshop is designed to cover the basics of theoretical and observational astronomy.
Start Date
To be Announced
Closing Date
To be Announced
School & University Students
Between 12 -20 years
2 Days (Day & following Night)
Medium of Instruction
English and Sinhala
Course Fee
To be Announced
Certificate of Participation
Method of Payment
  1. Visit ACCIMT Accounts Division
  2. ACCIMT Bank of Ceylon account
    Account details – Bank of Ceylon, Katubedda Branch
    Arthur C Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies
    Account No. 307144
Resource Staff
  • Prof. Chandana Jayaratne
  • Saraj Gunasekera – Research Scientist
  • Mr. Indika Madagangoda – Research Scientist
  • Janaka Adassuriya – Research Scientist
Course Contents

  • The development of astronomy, constellations & star charts
    Ancient astronomy. Geocentric theory and the heliocentric theory. Modern astronomy Ecliptic, Zodiac Precession of the earth’s axis: polar stars. Tilt of earth axis, Seasons. Star constellations and their background. Changing shapes of constellations. Magnitude of stars. Astronomical coordinate systems. Star catalogues. NGC Catalogue, Messier Number, Constellation maps
  • The solar system & the universe
    The origin, evolution and the possible end of the Solar system. Titius bode rule, Distance to planets, Planets, planetary motion, kepler’s laws. Earth’s orbit. The Universe, galaxies Classification of galaxies. Milky way and the Local Group, earth’s position in the Milky Way Galaxy of the universe. Extra solar planets
  • Sun as a star
    Sun, solar prominences, solar flares, surface temperature, Solar activity, 11year solar activity, sunspots , identifying sunspots, sunspot number
  • Moon, eclipses asteroids & comets
    Moon and phase of moon, Nodal points, tides, eclipses, solar and lunar eclipses and observing techniques. Comets, Asteroids & Meteoroids

Demonstrations/ Practicals

  • Solar Observation
  • Introduction to astronomy software(Demonstration)
  • Construction of a simple sextant, measurement of angular separation of stars and extent of main constellations; Use of hand to estimate angles in the sky; Measurement of angular rotation of the earth.
  • Identification of constellations, identification of main stars, idea about their brightness and colors
  • Making a simple refractor(Group work)
  • Demonstration on the operation of the 45cm Cassegrain telescope, Spectrograph, Photometer and CCD camera at ACCIMT with hands on experience.
  • Obtain spectra of bright stars and nebulae
  • Observation of planets, nebulae, star clusters, galaxies etc.

Application Form
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R. A. S. Saraj Gunasekara, Research Scientist
Head, Space Applications Division,
Arthur C. Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies,
Sri Lanka
Telephone: +94-11-2651566(Direct Line),+94-11-2650569(Extension 171),+94-11-2650838(Extension 171)
Fax : +94-11-2650462
E-mail: Course Coordinator