Image processing & Analysis Facility


IRAF astronomical data reduction and analysis facility which is written and supported by the IRAF programming group at the National Optical Astronomy Observatories (NOAO) in Tucson, Arizona is used to analyze the raw photometry and spectroscopy data collected through the 45cm telescope. As there is a vast amount of raw astronomical data of Hubble Space Telescope (HST) available on the internet layered software on IRAF called STSDAS has been installed on IRAF to analyze the HST data. A light curve modeling software, Phoebe, based on the Wilson-Devinney code is also available in the division.

Spectra of Bright stars 6383 -7249A º Resolution 1.13 A º /Pixel

Spectra of Nebulae & Galaxies 6128 -6929A º Resolution 1.11 A º /Pixel

Spectra of Be stars Hydrogen Alpha line at 6563A º Resolution 0.3 A º /Pixel

IRAF (Image Reduction & Analysis Facility) IRAF PC version( RedHat Linux) 2.14 is used to reduce the spectroscopic & Photometric data.

Spectra of Nova