Introduction to Robotic Applications Course [IRAC]

  • To give good understanding of simple robot designing, programming and components used in robot development. Workshop consists of equal proportionate of lecture and practical sessions.
Target Group
  • University students, School students and general public who are interest in robotics.
  • 6 days. (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) 9:00 to 16:00.
Batch size
  • Maximum number of participants is 10
  • Lectures – Main Auditorium of ACCIMT
  • Practical – Robotics Lab of ACCIMT
  • December 17, 2010
  • Lectures:
    • Introduction to mobile robotics and components used in robotic applications.
    • Introduction to mobile robotics, sensors, motors and actuators, electronics, microcontrollers, robot programming.
    • Microchip PIC microcontroller programming, programming languages, hardware interfacing (DC motor control, RC servo control), sensor interfacing (ultrasonic and bumper switches), basic control theory
  • Demonstrations/ Practical:
    • Assembling a robotic kit, wiring, sensor interfacing and trouble shooting, hands on sessions.
    • Programming a mobile robot to do a real world task (here previously assembled robot will program to navigate in a cluttered environment while avoiding obstacles), hands on programming and controlling.
Course Material and Refreshments
  • Robotics development kit will be provided for each participant.
How To Apply
  • Application will be available on the internet.
    Those who are interested can mail or email beforehand to the contact person.
  • Selected participants who have applied will be notified in person
Course Flow
  • Morning Session Lectures (3 Hours)
  • Afternoon Session Practical (5 Hours)
Evaluation criteria:
  • MCQ one hour paper and final performance testing of the constructed robot.
  • Certificate will be awarded on “Successful Completion”.
Inquiries & Applications to be sent to
  • Mr.Kavindra Jayawardena,
    IRAC Coordinator,
    Communication Division,
    Arthur C. Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies,
    Sri Lanka
    Telephone: +94-11-2651880 (Direct Line),+94-11-2650569(Extension 178),+94-11-2650838(Extension 178)
    Fax : +94-11-2650462
    E-mail: Course Coordinator