Electrical Testers using Transmille 3200A Electrical Tester


Transmille 3200A Electrical Tester


   Instrument   Test
1. Insulation Continuity Tester Insulation Resistance
Insulation Voltage
Continuity Resistance
2. RCCB Tester Trip
No Trip
Fast Trip
3. Loop Tester Loop Impedance
Prospective Short Circuit Current
4. Earth Tester Earth Resistance
Earth Voltage
  • Insulation Continuity Testers up to 5kV.


  • RCCB Testers


Like all test and measurement equipment, RCCB testers should be checked at regular intervals to make sure they are working correctly. Regular calibration and/or verification makes sure your equipment is within the manufacturer’s specification and perform correct measurements.

  • Loop Testers
  • Hipot Testers
  • Earth Testers


  • Withstanding Voltage Testers up to 12kV