Electronic Instruments Using Fluke 5520A Multi product calibrator

image1 Fluke 5520A Multi product calibrator    

  •  Analog  and Digital Multimeters up to 61/2 digits
  • True RMS high performance hand held multimeters


  • Bench/system Digital Multimeters up to 6½ digit

Tests  available under the calibration of Multimeters and Clamp meters depend on the functions of Instruments

No Test Up to
1. DC Voltage 1000 V
2. AC Voltage 1000 V
3. DC Current 20 A
4. AC Current 20 A
5. Resistance 1100MW
6. Capacitance 110mF
7. Continuity
8. Diode
9. Temperature
  • Clamp Meters up to 1000A 


    • Analog and Digital storage oscilloscopes up to 300MHz


  • Power Analyzers
  • Thermometers -250 to  2316  °C ,Using  B,C,E, J, K, L,N,R,S,T & U Thermocouples