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Automated Electric Hospital Bed

This project is to provide hospitals in the rural area with a basic automated hospital bed at an affordable cost. With the implementation of this project it would be possible to reduce the strain placed on the hospital staff to take care of a patient.

Specification and features

  • ICU Bed (4 function) with electrically operated remote controlled back rest tilting 0-30, knee rest tilting 0-35, HI-LOW:51cm-70cm.
  • Power Device (Actuator), 12 VDC
  • Four easy lifting guardrails (2 on each side), which are safe and reliable, and can be fixed upward and downward
  • Removable & interchangeable high quality plastic head panel and foot panel
  • Built-in emergency battery backup to maintain all functions during electricity failure
  • Equipped with a range of control options to ensure flexible and easy access to bed positioning for nursing staff and patients

Electrical Safety

  • IEC 60601 compliant isolation transformers with uninterruptible power supply circuitry
  • ISO 9001 certified, ROHS complied FDA approved cables.

Bed Illustration

elebed01 Lifting up and downelebed02 Tiltingelebed03 Bed illustration