True RMS Voltage Recorder (With USB and SD Card Interfaces)


The VR is a state of the art display & logging system designed to monitor and record the true rms voltage of 230 / 240 VAC single phase supplies for voltage in the range 10~270V rms.

Main Features

  • Compact & portable
  • Suitable to plugging into 5 Amp socket outlets
  • Continuous 4 digit voltage display
  • Ability to record up to 10,000 recordings.
  • Sampling frequency 27.9ksamples per second
  • Measurement accuracy of + or – 0.1 when measuring from 210 to 250 VRMS
  • Direct connect to PC through USB interface for setting & downloading of data.
  • User-friendly menu driven windows-based software for setting and viewing of data in tabular or graphical formats
  • Ability to develop custom software packages to meet specific application needs
  • Indicators for battery condition, start of voltage recording and operation of the device from mains power
  • Battery back up time of 24 hours based on a fully charged specified battery
  • Trickle charging of battery during extended periods of storage

Safety Features

  • Over voltage cut off
  • Isolation of mains power from the digital circuitry
  • CAT II safety rated
  • IP 65 ingress protection