Mobile Operated Vending Machine

System Description

Features of the mobile operated vending machine;

  • The method of payment for this vending machine is based on the credit balance in the mobile phone, not the other methods like using paper money, coin and smartcard payment.
  • This vending machine can be accommodated to store multiple items and not restricted to food items
  • System is more secure since it does not use physical transaction.
  • System has a maintenance mode where the maintenance personal can check the stock balance, update the number of items in each row, change the price of items, and change the password. In addition, in the ‘Admin’ mode the machine ID can be set & changed. In both modes the status of the modem and the availability of the network can be checked.
  • In the maintenance mode an SMS can be sent to the back end server of the current stock status if the particular option is selected.
  • If no response is received for three consecutive transactions, the machine goes into ‘Out of Service’ mode till the fault is rectified.

Vending Machine Specifications

  • LCD display to provide messages to make a user friendly interface to a customer
  • Key pad to provide the facility to select items by the customer.
  • Non volatile memory to keep the details of items currently available
  • Ability to transfer the transaction records and details of currently available items
  • Methodology to update details of currently available items after filling the vending machine.
  • Ability to select more than one from selected item for one transaction
  • Capability of sending and receiving SMSs
  • The machine runs into ‘out of service’ state if no network is available for 03 consecutive transactions.
  • The maintenance person can check for any SIM faulty and network availability in the maintenance mode

mobven01 mobven02