Solar Street Lamps with Smart Charge Controller

This Solar Street Lamp contains a solar panel, a storage battery, a charge controller, white LEDs etc. The White LEDs are highly reliable superseding the benefits of even the best CFL available in the market today. The life time of White LEDs is around 10 Years. This solar powered street lamp is Easy and Quick deployment in almost any location. No outages of street lighting even in the worst weather conditions due to the reliable charge controller. The charge controller regulates the voltage and current coming from the solar panels going to the battery. Solar panels put out voltages much higher than the battery voltage, so if there is no regulation the batteries may be damaged from overcharging. Solar energy captured by the panels is stored in batteries. The efficiency at which the system is able to capture and store depends on the performance of the quality of the panels and the batteries. In order to obtain maximum power from the solar panel to charge a battery an efficient charge controller is required. At the same time the charge controller should offer enhanced protection and life time to the battery by preventing it getting damaged. This charge controller is developed to get the maximum power from the solar panel in addition to the over voltage protection of the battery. Another important fact is automatic switching on & off of the street lamp.

The lighting time and lumen are adjustable depending on customers’ specific requirements and the condition of the battery backup.

The advantage of White LEDs is it has a high brightness with ten year life span. Also white LED needs only 12V DC. Therefore the Lamp can illuminate directly from the battery.


  •   Solar Panel : 25/40/50W
  •   Battery : 12V 35AH(However depends on the requirement of the client)
  •   DC energy-saving lamp :12V (Wattage to be decided upon the
  •   requirement of the customer
  •   Charge controller : MPPT
  •   Light source : White LEDs
  •   Wireless, safe, easy to install, maintenance free, environmental friendly
  •   No need to pay electricity bill
  •   Long life LEDs are maintenance-free for over 10 years
  •   Using LEDs as the light source for streetlights will not only brighten up pathway but also add a new stylish icon to the street