Voice Integrated Educational Toy

Educational toys of colourful appearance with displays giving numbers, letters and messages, attract the interest of children, making learning especially enjoyable. The “Maths Master” Play & Learn System designed by Electronics & Microelectronics division, aimed to catch the interest of children by its colourful appearance and LCD display, supplemented by voice/ sound effects. The next version was designed for the visually impaired children, who cannot be benefited by the colourful appearance or by objects on displays, by replacing the information given by LCD display and other visual indicators with voice and sound. The currently developed units are in Sinhala language. However, the units can be developed in English or other languages with some modifications.

  • Electronic educational toy suitable for visually impaired children to learn simple mathematics
  • Step by step verbal operating instructions and comments
  • Four selectable levels to match with the ability level/ age group of the child
  • Four selectable activities in each ability level.
  • Two keys for activity and level selection with verbal announcement of activity/ level with each key press.
  • Verbally presented random problems corresponding to the selected activity.
  • 12-key pad for entering the answer