Electronic and Microelectronics

What we are doing?

The electronics division carries out research and development projects, test and measurement services, consultancy work, hardware recovery and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses for the industry. The division mainly focuses on industry initiated R&D activities especially microcontroller based system designing, data logging & display systems, application of sensors, analog circuit design and power line data acquisition. The division also has several testing facilities to carry out testing as per international standards. Consultancy work is undertaken as per the requirement of the industry. The division also runs several CPD Courses to the industry. Hardware recoveries of test & measuring instruments/other sophisticated equipments/instruments are carried out by the division.

R & D Projects

The division has successfully completed several R&D Projects and some of these technologies are ready for technology transfer. At present division carries out projects such as Automated Hospital Bed and Enhanced version of the True RMS Voltage Recorder.

Design & Development Areas
  • Power line data acquisition and logging systems
  • Power quality monitoring and analyzing
  • Solar powered street lamps
  • Traffic control signaling systems
  • Display systems
  • Automated wireless irrigation systems
Know-how & Expertise
  • Micro-processor/ microcontroller based control system design
  • Data logging and display systems
  • Application of sensors and circuit designs
  • Solar powered Lightning systems
  • Analog Circuit Design
  • Power line data acquisition

The division also conducts continuous professional development courses to the industry and intermediate courses to the youth community in Sri Lanka.

Our Team
  • Ms. Janaki Athuraliya – Director (Electronic Engineering)
    BSC Eng (Hons) graduate from University of Moratuwa. She also holds a MSC from University of Moratuwa. She is a chartered Engineer and a member of both IESL and IET (UK). Her research interests are in the areas of Microcontroller based system designing and Surge protection systems.
  • Ms. Nirupa Rathnayaka – Senior Research Engineer
    BSC Eng. graduate from University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan. She also holds a MSC from University of Moratuwa. Her research interests are in the areas of Power Electronics & Microcontroller based system designing.
  • Ms. N. A. A. Nadeesha Dirukshi – Research Engineer
    BSC(equivalent) graduate from Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka. Her research interests are in the areas of Power electronics & Microcontroller based systems.
  • Mr. Prasanna Mahadevan – Research Engineer
    B. Eng (Hons) graduate from University of UCSI Malaysia. He is an Associate member of IESL. His research interests are Embedded Systems and Networking.
  • Ms. B D G Kaumadi – Management Assistant
  • Mr. Thusitha Dias – Engineering Assistant
  • Mr. S. R. J. S. Bandara – Engineering Assistant
  • Mr. N D N Kumara – Lab Attendant