Study and Investigate internal characteristics of “SU UMA” contact binary stars

SU Uma stars, a subset of dwarf novae, dominate the short orbital period CV (cataclysmic variable) stars. The proportion of SU Uma stars among dwarf novae is ~ 80% (7th edition of CV catalog). Even with other subtypes of CVs included, it is still near 70%. This means that their internal geometric and physical characteristics are critical to unraveling CV formation and evolution.

Since eclipses of hot spot and white dwarf make SU Uma stars a prime laboratory to study the complex interactions among the precessing symmetric disc, the speed‐up white dwarf and the low‐mass donor star, the study and investigation of the geometrical and internal characteristics of “SU UMA” stars has been opted as the objective for this research.

Project Leader : Indika Medagangoda (ACCIMT) and Prof. Zhibin Dai (Yunnan Observatories of Chinese Academy of Sciences in China)\

Team Members: Janaka Adasuriya (ACCIMT), SaraJ Gunasekara(ACCIMT), Sujith Cooray (an undergraduate of University of Sri Jayawardanapura, Sri Lanka)

Light curve of Iyuma_ a SuUma type star

Light curve of Iyuma_ a SuUma type star