Short Course on Academic Writing

The Academic Writing is very important since it is an intensive analysis of the principles of excellent Academic writing for Scientists preparing a range of texts including research papers, conference proposals, conference posters, book chapters, technical reports, dissertations.

The course is mainly focuses on the central role of rhetorical positioning in the development of a clear, interesting, and rigorous science research paper. We talk about the significance of narrowing the problem space, the construction of logical arguments, the reporting and interpretation of data, as well as other important concepts including reader-oriented writing, genre, precision, tone, and strategies useful for redrafting and editing.

An important course goal is the refinement of students’ skills as critical readers so that they are able to offer explicit and useful feedback to colleagues and co-writers.

Intended Audience: University students and research fellows

Duration: Three days

Batch Size: Maximum number of participants 25

Venue: Arthur C Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies

Course topics will include the following:

  • Structure, usage and style
  • Vocabulary
  • Synthesis of source material
  • Citation, summary and paraphrase
  • Research paper writing


Certificate will be awarded on “Successful Completion” of Continuous professional development (I am not sure if this is a continuous professional development) course.

Inquiries & Applications to be sent to

Ms. Aruni Dissanayake
Space Application Division
Arthur C Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies
Tel: 0112651566