Space Applications


Space Applications Division has been engaged in the activities in the area of Astronomy and RS/GIS (Remote Sensing/Geographic Information Systems) and is responsible in the operation of the largest optical telescope facility in Sri Lanka, GOTO 45cm Cassegrain telescope. The staff of space applications division working in close collaboration with the local universities utilizes the telescope facility to carry out basic research studies in astronomy. With a view to popularizing the astronomy and space science among school children Space Applications Division has launched several outreach programs.

Arthur C Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies was designated as the National Focal Point for Space Technology Applications in the Island at the Ministerial Conference on Space Applications for Development in Asia and the Pacific, held in Beijing in 1994. Having recognized the need for a national platform for dissemination and exchange of knowledge and experience in the areas of Geographical Information systems, Remote Sensing and Global positioning Systems to address the socioeconomical issues pertaining to the management of spatially disbursed resources in the Island ACCIMT has organized several National Conferences.

 Our Team
  • Mr. Saraj GunasekaraPrincipal Research Scientist (Astronomy) / Acting Director (Space Technology & Application)

B.Sc. Special Degree in Physics, 1st Class from University of Colombo (1994). He also holds M. Tech. in Space & Atmospheric sciences, University of Andhra, India (2012). His research interests are in the areas of variable stars, emission line stars and nebulae.

  • Mr. Indika MedagangodaSenior Research Scientist (Astronomy)

B.Sc. Degree from University of Sri Jayewardenepura. He also holds in Astronomy from SWINBURN University of Technology Australia. His research interest is in the area of Stellar Astronomy

  • Mr. Janaka Adassuriya – Research Scientist  – AR 2 (Astronomy)

B.Sc. Special Degree in Physics (2nd Lower) from University of Colombo (2002). He also holds M. Tech. in Space and Atmospheric Science from Andhra University, India (2015). His research interests are in the areas of spectroscopy of emission line stars and the photometry of short period variable stars.

  • Mr. T. Chandana PeirisResearch Scientist – AR 2 (Astronomy)

B.Sc. (2nd Upper) Degree from University of Colombo and Master of Technology (Space Science) from Andhra University, India. He also holds M.Sc. in Applied Electronics from University of Colombo. His research interests are in the areas of Space Science, Applied Electronics, Renewable Energy, Solar Energy and Astronomy.

  • Mr. A. R. Mohamed Rila – Research Scientist

Bachelor of Science, PG Dip in RS GIS. His research interest is in the area of RS GIS.

  • Mr. Buddika Sampath MarasingheResearch Scientist

B.Sc. (Agri) -Major: Agricultural Engineering from University of Peradeniya (2004). He also holds M.Sc. in GIS and Remote sensing from Post Graduate Institute of Science (PGIS) of University of Peradeniya (2009). His research interests are in the areas of Remote Sensing, GIS, UAV and field spectroscopy.

  • Mr. K. Mahindapala- Research Engineer – IT & Space Technology

M.Sc. in Information Technology from Keele University (UK). He is a Chartered Engineer (Engineering Council, UK) – CEng and a professional member of the British Computer Society -MBCS.

  • Ms. Nilushika JayawardhanaResearch Scientist

B.Sc. Surveying Sciences (Special) Degree in Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (Second Class Lower Division) Department of Cartography, Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and GIS Faculty of Geometrics from University of Sabaragamuwa (2014).Her research interests are in the areas of Remote sensing Applications, Satellite Image Segmentation and Artificial Neural Networks.

  • Mr. V M I Chathuranga – Research Engineer
  • Ms. Aruni DissanayakeManagement Assistant
  • Mr. Kamal Shantha Perera – Lab Assistant