Geo-Information for Earth System Science -Deadline is extended until 12th Oct 2017


Introduce the use of geo-information technology, GIS, remote sensing, GNSS and Cartography, with the concepts of earth system science for the sustainable development of the country

Target Group

Academics, researchers, planners, geologists, engineers, geographers and surveyors, students

Duration: Six days in October 2017 (14th, 15th, 21st, 28th and 29th)

Batch Size: Maximum number of participants 25

Venue: Arthur C Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies

Commencement: 14th of October 2017

Fee : Rs.28, 000.00 Includes study materials, meals and refreshments and if need can arrange accommodation facilities

Lectures and Practical:
  1. Geo-information for earth system science – Introductory Lecture

   (Geo-Information technologies, GNSS, GIS, Remote Sensing, Challenges)

  1. Introduction to earth system science

(The origin and evolution of the Earth, Earth spheres and Sphere Interactions, The Climate System and Past Climates, Human Population and Resource Demands, Human Impacts on the Earth System)

  1. Geographical Information for earth system science

(GIS Principles and Methods, Database Fundamentals, Coordinate Systems, and Projections, Creating and Maintaining Geospatial Databases, Data Sources and Data Entry, Digitizing, GPS, Remote Sensing, Models, Metadata, and Mapping Law Spatial Analysis)

  1. Remote Sensing for earth system science

“Introduction and Basic Concepts of Remote Sensing, Corrections of  Radiometric and Geometric Errors, Image Enhancement, Digital Image Classification and Accuracy Assessment”

  1. Advanced Remote Sensing and GIS  for Geo-science Application

Network Analysis in GIS, Digital Elevation Models, and Hydrological Analysis.

  1. Application Issues in Geo-Information Systems

(Global players GEO and INSPIRE, Implementation Issues and the Future of GIS and Barriers and challenging of GIS in developing country)


Certificate will be awarded on “Successful Completion” of Continuous professional development course.

Application is available on the internet and those who is interested can be mail or email beforehand to the contact person. Selected participants who have applied will be notified in person

Inquiries & Applications to be sent to

Ms. Aruni Dissanayake
Space Application Division
Arthur C Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies
Tel: 0112651566

Download : Application Form
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