Information Technology

What we are doing?

The Information Technology Division mainly categorizes its activities into Research, IT Solutions, Technology Transfer and Training Courses. In the past more emphasis was made towards development of software to meet the needs of clients and the transfer of knowledge pertaining to IT to general public through courses. The software developed are in the form of processing of data to speed up tasks to give a better service to the public and also in the form of information dissemination through information systems.


Currently focus is made in the areas of ‘localisation’ and ‘vision based automation’.

In localizing, two selected open source software were converted to Sinhala and Sri Lankan Tamil. Focus was made in converting the software in the best possible way by studying how other countries started localizing into their native languages and how they solved problems when converting.

In the future, the division aims to develop more packages that can help the public to acquire information in local languages, so that information available in English can be accessed to all Sri Lankans without any language barrier.

We also concentrate on applications on ‘vision based automation’. The initial literature surveying and studies are currently being done. It is expected that this area will help in analyzing still images and video streams which can be very important in automation applications and identifying and analyzing of certain situations in medical and other areas.

Client based IT Solutions

Web based Information Systems are developed using PHP and MySQL to suit client requirements. Several such projects have been undertaken by our division and have successfully completed. Other software developed mainly concentrate on database management systems to various governments sector organizations in the fields of finance, human resource management, stock management (fixed assets and consumable items) etc.

Solutions provided maybe in the form of ‘one-time’ development or it can be continuous where a maintenance agreement has to be signed.

Taking IT to Village (Technology Transfer)

Apart from development of software, the division concentrates on popularizing the use of IT among the public, especially in the rural areas. Many hesitate to use computers due to the language barrier. To overcome this, steps have been taken to popularize the use of localized and other packages through ‘Vidatha Centres’ (over 250 such centres are opened country-wide by Ministry of Science Technology), so that the general public can access from these places.

Training Programs

Training programs are also conducted by the division to enhance the knowledge in IT of the general public. The programs can be categorized into two; general programs and professional programs. General programs are conducted to school leavers and other non-technical people, where they can learn on software packages. The professional programs are aimed to industrialists who wish to learn in a specific area and advanced features.

Our Team
  • Rohana Dasanayaka – Senior Systems Analyst, Head of the Division

    Bsc in Physical Sc from University of Ruhuna, also holds Pg. Dip. in Computer Technology from University of Colombo and M.Sc from University of Moratuwa. He is involved in developing web based software applications and his research interest is in Local Language Computing.

  • Rasika Somathilake – Senior Systems Analyst

    BSc (special Degree in Mathematics) graduate from University of Colombo. She also holds a MSc from University of Colombo School of Computing.She is involved in Database Management Systems and designing Web based software Applications.

  • Anjana Jayasinha – Senior Software Engineer

    B Sc in Engineering graduate from University of Oklahoma, USA. He also holds a MSc from University of Moratuwa and a Passed Finalist of CIMA. He is involved in Database Management Systems and his reasearch interest is in the area of Image Processing.

  • Lakshani Karunarathne – Systems Analyst

    B.Sc. (Special) degree in Mathematics graduate from University of Sri Jayewardenepura .She also holds a Bachelor of Information Technology from University of Colombo School of Computing. She is involved in Database Management Systems and Web based Application Developing.

  • Chandima Ranasinghe – Software Engineer

    BSc in Engineering(Hons) graduate from The Open University & London Metropolitan University. Reading for MSc in Telecommunication & Electronic Engineering at Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, United Kingdom. Her research interests are Artificial Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing and Cyber Security.

  • Saman Athuluwage – Computer Application Assistant