Study short period Delta Scuti type variable stars

The science of variable star astronomy teaches us about one important part of the universe, the stars. Research on variable stars is important because it provides information about stellar properties, such as mass, radius, luminosity, temperature, internal and external structure, composition, and evolution. Some of this information would be difficult or impossible to obtain any other way. In many cases, it is the nature of the variability that provides the clues to the answers. This information can then be used to understand other stars.

Under this investigation we suppose to study the internal structure of particular type variable stars called Delta-Scuti. This method is known as asteroseismology and it allows an unprecedented way to determine the internal structure of stars by studying their oscillations. Recent efforts have been performed allowing the detection of many frequencies in different kinds of pulsating stars. Among them, Delta-Scuti stars are very important as they in main-sequence and relatively young in their evaluation phase. The particular type of stars will be studied observationally and also a theoretical model will be determined.