Water Rocket Competition

The ACCIMT conducts water rocket activities in Sri Lanka since 2005. The water rocket activities at ACCIMT include workshop on fabricating and designing water rocket, National water rocket competition and water rocket demonstrations in various state scientific events. The National water rocket competition is conducted under the international rules provided by the SE WG of APRSAF. The winner(s) of the competition is nominated by the ACCIMT to the international water rocket competition, organized by the APRSAF in varies host countries in each year.

As a result of ACCIMT/APRSAF collaboration since 2005 , 32 students in various schools in Sri Lanka  honored to represent their homeland at the international water rocket competitions hosted by Japan(2005, 2014), Indonesia(2006,2015), India (2007), Vietnam(2008,2013), Thailand(2009), Australia(2010), Singapore(2011),Malaysia(2012).

Procedure and Eligibility to apply

  1. After calling applications from the schools that have astronomical societies registered under astronomy division of ACCIMT.
  2.  Age limit:  12 years to 16 Years