Airborne Remote Sensing – UAV


According to the Sri Lanka context, usage of UAV for civilian application is very limited. Record originate only Sri Lank Air Force occasionally use their military UVAs to assist flood and disaster operation. However military UVAs are very expensive and operating cost is very high (those fight engine use petroleum spirit or diesel). Also need runway, well trained operator as well as technical crew to fly and maintain military UVAs.

In recent times, the increased development and availability of micro and small-sized UAV platforms in combination with lightweight and low-cost Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs), GPS receivers, and scientific imaging sensors has driven a proliferation in the civilian use of UAVs. Most of micro UAVs are powered by batteries which reduce the operation and maintain cost, as well as capable to fly on pre-programmed flight plans without having real time flight operators. Also facilitate to easy lunch (launch the drone by throwing it into the air) and autonomous landing on small area.

UAV is one of the main tool for Space Technologies base Natural and Cultural Heritage monitoring and conservation project. 3D model of archaeology site need high-resolution aerial imagery and Micro UAV imageries are ideal for that purpose. Further UAV manufactures usually provide software which facilities to generate quick and high quality 3D models.