Evaluation of Spectral Reflectance of Sri Lankan Rice Varieties Canopies

Rice cultivated areas and yield information is indispensable for sustainable management and economic policy making for this strategic food crop. Introduction of high spectral and special resolution satellite data has enabled production of such information in a timely and accurate manner. Knowledge of the spectral reflectance of various land covers is a prerequisite for their identification and study. Evaluation of the spectral reflectance of plants using field spectroradiometry provides the possibility to identify and map different rice varieties especially while using hyperspectral remote sensing.
This study was conducted to evaluate spectral characteristics of paddy varieties which is main food of Sri Lankans. Spectral signature measurements were carried out using a Field Spectroradiometer in the range of 320-1100 nm under natural light and environmental conditions and number of sample collected respect to each 22 traditional paddy varieties